Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Uptown Girl

Oh yea

Okay I am going to do this and just get it off my chest. The recruiter called today to tell me I did not get the job we all knew I was not getting. But here is the thing, it is because they-the 2 little dickwads at the plant in Podunk-did not think I would get down in the trenches and get my hands dirty. Bullshit. Those 2 little weenie boys knew I was overqualified for that job and they were scared outta their little peenie pants.

But you know what really pisses me off, tell the truth you dumb ass ignorant, slimy, scared and maggety morons, you were scared of the lady from the big city that used to argue with Ford. You told the big guy I DID NOT LOOK like I would work hard and go on the plant floor and fix your ridiculous problems. LOOKS are what you used to deny me a job. LOOKS.

Well, they both looked like asshats and I was willing to go clean up their messes. How in the name of all that is holy in this day and age do you actually say you will not hire some one because of the way they look. Was I too clean, too well dressed, too pretty,  . . . did not look like I would get down on my knees . . . okay we don't need to go there, but really.

The way I looked.


  1. I'm sorry. They certainly were idiots and I'll bet you wrote that rebutal in less than one minute. It's still smokin'!

  2. Lovely description of the asshats.

    1. I tried to hold back, but it just spewed like Linda Blair in the movies.

  3. Why? Because they can.

    Makes me sick.