Monday, May 20, 2013

The Barber of the village

Columbine randomly growing in my landscaping, I think this may be the Rocky Mountain variety

Big Daddy always has a bitch of a time trying to get a haircut. It was no different in China, it just cost a whole lot less to look like shit.

Back in the day he used to have Earl cut his hair. Earl was the only guy to give a razor shave. Big Daddy quit Earl because he was just too old. He was 97, he started cutting hair when he was 16.

Then BD moved on to Tony, but when he came back from China Tony was shaking so bad he scared BD. He was 86.

Big Daddy then moved on to John, he is a youngster at 71 but he does the worst haircut I have ever seen.

So this evening BD and I are back in the nook at the wrought iron table with the hair cutting kit from the drug store and I am cutting his hair. A little younger than the last guys, I would like to think a bit cuter, and certainly a bit pickier. A glass of wine, clippers with a number one, and some scissors, yep he looks good.


  1. I cut my own hair - but for me it is easy as I have a number 2. Sometimes I miss a bit here and there - but what the hell!

    1. I cannot allow the self hair cutting as it is never followed up with the self floor cleaning.