Monday, May 6, 2013

You can run but you can't hide

When I got home and started seeing a whole new world through the Internet I joined this shopping site, One Kings Lane. The have nice stuff and once in while great sales. I had gotten a couple things from them and was pleased. Internet shopping is great when you can't leave the house or don't feel like trekking the world over for something.

Anyway, we were short on goblets here at the homestead and I thought these would be wonderful for our San Pelligrino with dinner. It took a long time for them to arrive and when Big Daddy put them on the counter the first thing I saw on the box was made in China. Of course the first glass I pulled out of the very sturdy packing broke between the bowl and stem.

Big Daddy called One Kings Lane and told them of the unfortunate incident and due to circumstances of close out and clearance they told him to keep the remainder and took the charges off his credit card. The funny thing about this is that all things sold in a set in China come in threes, one child policy means 3 in a household. And 4 is a very unlucky number in China. So we have our Chinese glasses for our Italian water.

By the way, I am sure everyone knows I don't get paid for anything I say here-just sharing a great experience.

And I have the flu, a mild case but still the flu. I think I got it from the QM at my last interview. Need hand sanitizer in the car.


  1. I still have the flu that I got over a month ago. I am also busy shopping on line!

    1. You too will need hand sanitizer here as you are not used to our nasty bugs. Hate the anti-bacterial soap as that causes more problems, but sometimes there is no soap and water.