Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I will not get this job

It is a fine job. It is me not them. I thought the interview went well, we all think our interviews go well. I showed up with crappy hair-it is what it is, you are right Becs-in my fat interview suit with the huge zit next to my nose.

The job is down a couple stress levels from my last foray in the automotive nightmare so I could even consider working for less money. It is a cute little place and the people were friendly.

I think they will find someone cheaper and think I am overqualified for this gig. I am.

We will see, I did dig up a reference from 1997 for that valued 3rd person they need. Does anyone not think about how much I have changed in 16 years. WTF. I can hear it now, I remember when she got her braces off. Whatever.

Punkin Head and I are in a conspiracy and that is going to entertain me for now.


  1. I am slowly accumulating more partial jobs and future maybe partial jobs.