Thursday, May 9, 2013

Not much news here

Went this morning and had my mammogram, I cannot believe how long it has been and both my mother and grandmother had breast cancer. I should be in line waiting the first minute I am due.

The Mormons got new windows, this refurbishing of the fire house is taking a long time.

I got a new lead on a job and tracked most of it down, leaving messages for people to figure out how to apply. Well, there was this guy I used to work with-he was the customer-and getting him to stop talking either in person or on the phone was nearly impossible. He returned my call at 9 PM and I was on the phone with him until 10:30. He is the one taking my resume in so I have a chance with this one. And it is a much shorter drive.

My mother's husband is having heart surgery today, yesterday he got the balloon put in. Praying for a good outcome here. Speaking of my mother:

Funny of the day:

My mother has been sending pictures of the flowers I sent to the hospital and I have not been getting them. Checked everywhere and yesterday it came to me. Yep, she was sending them to my land line.

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