Friday, May 17, 2013

Me and Farrah Fawcett

Back in the day me and Florida Girl my BFF worked at a golf course serving cold beers and lunch to the duffers. She got me the job and it was a good one. Worked days mostly and the guys were nice to us little waitresses in our red hot pants and the women were few and far between and only talked to each other over their coffee cups. We did have to show up pretty early as some of the leagues teed off at the crack of dawn and had to have their coffee and donut first.

One day Florida Girl and I went to the mall shopping and found a new store, a wig shop. There were 2 gals from New York or New Jersey there to open it and it was hilarious trying on the different wigs. I picked one out that was the Farrah Fawcett, looked nothing like Farrah's hair but I had stars in my eyes. At the time I had boring brown hair and the streaky blond made me feel glamorous. FG had blond hair and if I recall correctly she picked out a short curly red one. The beauty of these wigs was that you could swish them in shampoo water, rinse and hang on the doorknob. God we were stylin' and wore the hell out of that hair that summer.

FG is getting a port put in next week and will start chemo shortly thereafter. She will have chemo until October and then they will take the mightily shriveled cancer bit out of her breast. She told me by Skyping that she would be losing her glamorous hair. She used to be a worse product, makeup and hair whore than me. And suddenly it stopped. I don't think she even uses chapstick anymore.

I wonder if she will remember our summer of fun hair. I asked her if she will be getting a wig, she has not answered me yet.

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