Saturday, May 11, 2013

I can't make this stuff up

A while back I went to Trader Joe's and returned home horrified by a family of obnoxious children and a useless parent. I always was quite put out with the tiny carts for the children and those kids who thought they were in the Grand Prix. To my horror I saw this family walking down the sidewalk not far from my home. I was so hoping they lived in the Park and not in my neck of the Woods.

Not long after Big Daddy came home with a story that matched the same family I had been repelled by. His tale was more shocking than mine. Well today he returned from Trader Joe's with another tale of the Cart Cuties. Of course I had to inquire as what a Cart Cutie might be. Well, it is the snot faced little beastly tykes that all the parents stand around and say isn't he/she cute while they push the miniature carts into every one's ankles.

BD said to me, "You remember Buggar". Oh my goodness, Buggar, that is what his mama calls him. Buggar is the head of the beastly children of the useless parent. Well today Buggar was helping his mama pick out wine. A 4 year old putting wine in his mini-cart, how charming.

So in honor of Mother's Day, help your mama pick out some wine.

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