Monday, March 30, 2009

Goodby GM, Hello Chaos

So Obama told Rick to take his balls and bats and go home. Okay. Then Obama told everyone the US Government would guarantee warranty. WHAT? Does the government understand how warranty works? Where do they think the parts come from? This is called Service Parts Operations, run by GM, supplied by suppliers, sent to GM dealers, paid for by GM. At what moment does Obama and Timmy think this warranty issue is not going to be a big problem. Chapter 11 means no more parts for any reason until they are paid for. And Service Parts are shelved waiting for a dealer to call, and by the way, under Chapter 11, there are no more dealers.

Crazy Ass shit.

Met my new Quality Manager today (from a town far away), he came to Plant Okey Dokey to assess the damage from his shit shipments, and guess what? He looks like a serial killer. I am not making this up. Someone told me once, why would anyone go there other than to hide. Shiver, Shiver. And a QM from another far away plant just recently was put in prison for a long time for killing his wife.

We seem to attract the best and brightest.

Everyone is depressed over Obama saying he knows how to run the auto industry and Timmy saying that over time we won't care how much money we make. WTF

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  1. See, the problem is people in government don't understand businesses that actually make things any more. It's considered declasse. Now businesses that are complicated confidence scams, those are AOK. They get an unlimited supply of carrots. Companies that make things like Cadillac's? Worthless. They get nothing but sticks... especially the unions.

    (Proud Cadillac owner)