Monday, March 16, 2009


Do not ever compliment me at work, about my work, about my company. Never.

Because exactly minutes -times the generosity- of the compliment I will be up shits creek without a paddle. Guaranteed, every time. Thanks, buddy.

Today the three headed dog manager called me over for conversation and complimented my company on the outstanding turn-a-round of the last few months. FIE on you devil dog. Do you not know what this means? The gates of hell will crash.

In my job, atta-boys are good for 5 minutes and the rest of the time you are fixing, explaining, hiding, or just pulling your hair out to make the customer happy. And trust me they are never happy. Happy people mean people who are under-worked. Happy people can be let go because they are not needed. They are not working if they are happy.

This is why gregory the worm is so valuable. He called me in today to express his need for data on a problem I never saw. Okey-Dokey. Got the worm his data. Data shows the part to print. He wants an improvement. His improvement involves a mean shift. This is shoot from the hip engineering to correct the last shoot from the hip cheap ass change that is not working. He said he wanted a nom/max shift. I said sure, put it in and email I will get you a response on what we can do. He sent an email asking us to target nominal, which I just spent the last 20 minutes telling him "that is what we do". WTF.

Funny of the day, Plant Loco closed down food services and now has trucks that actually roll into the plant and sell food. Like the old-time catering trucks that went from plant to plant, these are on-site in an exact location. I cannot find them. WTF.

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