Friday, March 6, 2009

Writer's block overcome

Had a hard time this week putting something in writing. Started a few things and they just weren't right. Now I know why. I need stimulation that makes me laugh. And I have been laughing my ass off since yesterday. Where to start, the Detroit City Council or the Obama DVD gifting. Oh, and lets not forget the New Orleans City Council and Mayor's office.

The funniest has just got to be the special session called last night by Monica Conyers for the Council. The video on is hilarious. Barbara Rose Collins droned on and on about God knows what. None of this drivel made sense. Then she accused L. Brooks Patterson of setting a bus on fire and calling her a monkey.. . .this is a woman who wore a tiara to a council meeting because it was her birthday. I don't remember if she had money pinned to her blouse. Then she stated that she had not taken her pain meds that day so she would make sense. Then she started singing. Yes, singing. Onward Christian Soldiers. And she forgot the words. WTF. To be fair, L. Brooks did respond the only thing he wanted to steal from Detroit was the Fist and Ms. Collins tiara. Gotta Love Detroit.

Now, on to the DVD's. What was he thinking? Movies? Just regular movies? I think we should all send President Obama a DVD of our favorite movie. I will send him my copy of United Flight 93. I never been able to bring myself to watch it.

New Orleans, people-people, just call the Detroit Free Press attorneys and find out how to get the emails, ya'll don't need to re-invent the wheel. We did all that and our mayor went to jail. And maybe, unless Obama tells the U.S. Attorney office to back off, so will the City Council.

Okay lets sum up:

Obama-Stock Market means nothing/DVDs mean I am your friend.
Detroit City Council-Pain meds means I won't make sense/singing means.....
New Orleans-Just get Brad Pitt to produce a reality show of City Council meetings.

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