Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have been stimulated.

Yes, indeedy. I got my letter from the government. President Obama has stimulated my unemployment benefits. I get more. A pittance more, but what would a non-working person expect? A Cadillac Escalade like the Kwame Kilpatrick family? Oops, that was kinda gifted.

The three headed dog is under the gun again today. No more headlamps (this means everyone gets to go home early and may have to stay only 4 hours tomorrow if the dog can't fix his little mis-understanding with his supplier). For all you non-automotive geeks these are what you usually call headlights. All automotive geeks make up lame names for their parts. Ash trays were called ash receivers, as if that was all the trash they received. I remember once telling Big Daddy about a problem I had with a package tray. He finally said what the hell is a package tray? He was on the same program launch I was on. I told him it was the shelf above the rear seating under the backlight. He was like, what the fuck is the backlight? I told him it was the rear glass above the rear seating that let in light. Writing this I know understand why automotive is in the toilet. I won't even talk about the cat whiskers.

Oh, I have another plant now. We'll just call it plant 2. Looks to be okay and it is job security to have more than one. Appreciate that.

EPuffer not working out and I am still looking for an Ecigarette, this business seems to have boomed and there is crazy information, pricing, back-orders, and of course on-line opinions. More on this later.

Nothing funny today. Many people have had personal losses this week at plant loco and there are many sympathy cards to sign, also followed by a few get-well cards needing attention. This has been a very sad week for many. Much sympathy to my Puffette and her family on their loss.

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