Monday, March 2, 2009

Random Thoughts from the Umemployed

This is hard, do I go to most important to least important? Of course, I am the only person with a vote.

Least important, experimental food. Trader Joe's has shelf stable microwave meals that are whole wheat and health friendly. Unfortunately the one I tried is not flavor friendly. To me. I am spoiled by Big Daddy's cooking and used to much finer cuisine. Also, something came on the news today about a recall a Trader Joe's, hope it is not my food. Not too worried. Something with lime, I have no lime type stuff.

Trying out the Wall Street Journal on line (for free). I get the New York Times and with the Detroit Free Press changing to a mostly on-line format I am shopping. The Freep sucks on-line. Why would I pay to be irritated? I can get the local news from WJR on-line and would pay for that. Love the Middle Seat blog in the WSJ for all travel news, this is informative and funny if you travel.

All this conversation about Michelle Obama wearing sleeveless dresses. In the middle of winter. Why isn't that the conversation. How high do they keep the heat in the White House. Yes, she looks great. Does this mean she and the President want all women to turn up the heat and wear summer clothes in the winter? WTF.

And finally, all the sudden everyone hates Rush Limbaugh. Please. People have had opinions about Rush for years. Rush talks about what is important to Rush. How is this different from Joy Behar (did I spell this right?) screeching on the VIEW everyday? Well, Rush doesn't screech and Joy used to be funny before she became a daft harridan. At least Whoopie is still funny.

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