Sunday, March 8, 2009

Got to Get Ready

Tomorrow is back to work day, so everything needs to be in order so I don't make myself crazy. Puffette's books need to be stowed in the car and frankly the car needs some spiffing up and fuel. Also need to make sure I have few packs of cigs-not buying cartons any more in long anticipation of the EPuffer. Also need a variety of coats, hats, gloves and scarves in the car as you never know this time of year. Sweat or Freeze, mostly in the same day.

As predicted the preoccupation with my toe is nearing epic proportions. To pinch or not to pinch. This is ghastly.

I need to tear apart the dining room and clean thoroughly so I can put my new rug down. The current rug needs cleaning and is not my favorite. Might put it back down in the fall as it is darker in color. New rug is sage green. Current rug is burgundy.

That reminds me, The Three Headed Dog has a new red on the best of the best Jeeps one of which is the Grand Cherokee. This red is kick-ass. Really, really a nice rich red. My Ford Edge is red, so maybe I am prejudiced for beautiful reds. Mostly my toes are red too. Except in March.

Well I flunked out on the Sunday NYT Xword really bad. Embarrassingly so.

The Well Done Fillet had a blog on violence against soldiers near Belfast this weekend. Very sad to think that beautiful country could return to the senseless violence of the past. You have to wonder if it is the economic distress making idiots feel they can take advantage of the situation or just egomaniac imbeciles no longer able to control their baser instincts.

I wonder if the time is near when decent people will just no longer tolerate the fringes of society taking up our time and energy.


  1. have you been checked for gout? It can cause excrutiating pain, especialli in the big toe.

    - - Robert

  2. Don't think it's gout, just sore at this point. However am tracking on an hourly basis.