Sunday, March 22, 2009

I must be crazy, cuz I just don't get it

Why is the President of the United States on Leno? Why is he making stupid/offensive jokes? Why is his wife going to make him pull weeds? Should POTUS have to do chores? I would rather not think about why weeding is more important than leading, but then again, if he has time to be on Leno-he probably has extra time to weed. Or explain to Michelle about mulch.

People in New York are chasing down Wall Street finance guys to beat them up over their bonuses. Why don't they just demand that these people spend their bonus money in NYC instead-spreading the wealth so to speak-and then everyone has some extra money. No, Nancy Pelosi (aka Demi Moore wannabe)is going to tax the money back to Washington so they can give it to someone else. Musical money. Maybe everyone should weed for a while.

Now to me, which is much more important. Got my toes done yesterday-pink. Not happy with the pink, but every March I force myself to do something new on toe polish. Big Daddy asked me if I had Easter toes. Oh my.

Tried my new Shiseido facial mask with pure retinal, loved it. Works great. if you want to order.

Doing okay, not great on the vaping. Since Friday cut down to a few analog cigs a day. The ecigs cannot get regulated with me. I know it is going to take time and perseverance-I just wanted a perfect solution. As everyone does. Told Big Daddy I will not take any analog cigs to work so get the troops ready with the ecigs and I am hopeful being busy and time will help this dependence transfer. It is after all an addiction, not a frivolous habit.

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