Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Am Vaporous

Yes, I am vaping. Vaping is using nicotine in a new way. Ecigarettes, an electronic micro-processor device that allows you to "smoke" anywhere. Just like chewing the gum or wearing the patch but you "smoke" it. You use it just as if you were smoking and a harmless vapor is released from your mouth, OK maybe lungs, that is smokeless, odorless, and contains no tars or second hand smoke. It is not smelly.

I am so excited and everyone at Plant Loco is anxiously awaiting the vaping results. I had to give demos all day and people were laughing their asses off. Off course with smokes now costing 8 bucks a pack and new taxes as of April 1 on roll your own papers and loose tobacco people are finally fed up. Everyone always said that when smokes reached a certain price point they would quit. Very few did. Smoking is an addiction as fierce as any drug habit. Well, 8 bucks, getting treated like a dog, and numerous aids to modify our behavior---we are now on board. Let them get their tax money from milk.

So . . . now that I will no longer be offensive I can start scouting about for what others do that offends me. Wear cheap and offensive cologne? I'm on it. Plug your fruity shit into the electric socket? I'm on it. Piss me off? I'm on it. And all y'all better take a bath. NOW. And wash your hair, and your clothes, and your 3 year old jacket that has never seen a dry cleaner. Because in 2 to 3 weeks my sense of smell will return (I have quit before) and that is what y'all don't realize, this world stinks. Real bad.

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