Monday, March 23, 2009

The reason Plant Loco is Loco

As I stand and read the CSA board I see a write up for "the very serious and infamous gap". The GAP occurs when the operator does not do their job or -TA DA -someone fucks with the part after it leaves station. Well, we have had this specific fuck-up for months and months. And it is always proven that this is definitely a "someone fucks with the part issue". So today I sneak outside with the supervisor type guy to review the offending gap, we pull off the plastic sill plate and what do we see but the blue mark that means the part was fine when it left the install point and the Validation Station. So what do the fucks do? They write an NCT against my company for a gap. Now keep in mind, process dictates that the gap cannot exist under any circumstances. If you do the process correctly and the part is too short you will still not have a gap at the butte joint. WTF.

And people question why the auto companies pay so well? Because the managers are chicken shit to take care of their own problems. Fie on you.

Vaping going better, 4 analog cigs today over a 12 hour period. Hear all kinds of screaming going on about this as no fed/state taxes realized except for regular sales tax. Betcha Obama is vaping.

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