Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tea Parties and Parity

Why are we left sucking the hind tit on a Chinese/Korean pig. We can't even put lipstick on that fucker. We keep borrowing money from the Chinese, the people that steal all our patents and jobs, let the Koreans do the same, and we refuse to make them do all the greenhouse bullshit we require the poor and out of work US workers to do. WTF. This is called our elected officials. This would be the people that ride in the Air Force jets with Nancy Pelosi.

There are people on TV throwing tea bags in the harbors. The original revolutionaries did not throw tea bags, they dumped all the imported tea leaves (they did not have Lipton or Red Rose bags back then) and it was considered a real sacrifice.

The economy has tanked, our politicians think we are stupid, and we are throwing teabags in the drink.

When are we as human beings going to address the real issues: there is just so much profit to made in any industry, arrogance just goes so far until someone takes you down, no one is a prince or princess in the U.S., and the damn U.S. Congress works for us, not the other way around.

Do we really want Universal Health Care when we already support all the illegitimate children born without fathers paying support and not acknowledging their children. Why are the people that can take advantage of further education not doing so. Why are not the myriad of churches (I pass one per block in Detroit) preaching to their parishioners to help their own flock. Where is personal responsibility? And where is the person that should be advocating this?

Why are we in this fucked up mess?

Maybe because no one wants to stand up and admit we must all take care of our own mess?

Who is it that can't sweep their own stoop, street, and help their neighbor? Who is it that can't look out for the neighbor and cook some extra food? Who is it that harbors the good little boy that just shot some people up?

This is fucked up and will continue to be until we all say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. As long as we put up with this shit it will continue.

And I will continue to ask why.

And in the interim China owns your country and Korea supplies your goods. WTF.

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