Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Hate Baseball

To me baseball is the dumbest sport ever, it just does not make sense. There are a bunch of guys that huddle around in a hole in the ground. There is another bunch of guys that kinda spread out on a thing called a baseball diamond, but it does not sparkle. There are some other guys that are supposed to be umpires and all they do is hang around and look kinda fat. Then they decide to play a game. The game is that one guy comes out from the ground and stands in front of one of the fat guys and swings a stick at the other guys standing around the diamond and if the stick makes a connection with a ball most of the guys on the diamond chase the ball. They do this for a long time. WTF.

Well, you know they have outsourced most everything in the U.S.A., they are now outsourcing baseball. I just saw it on the TV, India is now our source for baseball players of the future. Now don't get me wrong, everyone should have an equal opportuntiy to stand in a hole in the ground. But honestly, should we give such a stupid pastime up to the Slumdog Millionaires? Why does India not have a thriving baseball industry if they are so great at this sport?

Other than the fabulous Soccer teams in Europe where else in the world is any sports enterprise followed and adored other than U.S. sports teams? Canada has excellent hockey, but their teams play in the NHL and they want the Stanley Cup as much as any U.S. team does.

Segue to automotive, we invented the motor car, we adored the motor car, we raced the motor car and my husband's family was a major factor in getting the motor car in the hands of the American public.

Then we went into a hole in the ground and stood behind the fat guy and let everyone take away our "stuff." This is not protectionism. This is-why aren't we competing for our own place and why aren't we making India, Japan and Cuba put their teams up for competition like our friends in Canada do. Go Canucks.

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