Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Major Lifestyle Changes

No more Detroit Free Press. Since the announcement that the paper would be going to 3 day a week delivery and the fact the paper has been reduced to about 4 pages a section, 3 sections-I have been shopping for news. And the winners are-WJR on-line for local news, The Wall Street Journal as they have a bit of everything and "The Middle Seat" blog/opinion about the airline industry, The Washington Post-they have Miss Manners, and The New York Times for the crossword and Maureen Dowd. I love Maureen Dowd, she picks on everyone. All of this will cost about the same as the abysmal Freep.

Speaking of the NYT crossword I really enjoyed Rex Parkers's blog about the ACPT experience. I am still too chicken to compete but if Punkinhead still lives in NYC next year and I am still employed I might go just to watch. Lurk in the bar for famous crossword solvers. How rich.

Things learned while laid-off. I found a new television show on network TV. It is called The Doctors. First I thought why is a soap on the wrong channel in the morning. Then I noticed these are real doctors answering real problems. Like when should you be worried if your skin changes color. Blue is bad. And how men should check their testicles for lumps like women check their breasts. But men are too shy to check their boys. This is why the balls get blue.

Just one more comment (since I have no funny) on Michelle Obama's sleeveless statement, Joy Behar's fixation with Rush Limbaugh, and people orating on people orating. Come on now people.

If you can run your mouth- stop talking about how other people have no right to run their mouth. If one us can be an asshole, we all can be an asshole.

Joy, no one asked you do date Rush Limbaugh, do his laundry, or listen to his radio broadcast. We know you don't like him. Move on.

I made a statement that in my opinion Michelle Obama was sending the wrong message by appearing a in summer dress in a winter photo. We know it was winter because it was taken in February. And I feel with President Obama pushing to tax energy this is provocative statement that the Obama's do not have the feel the pain of lowering their energy bill or their carbon footprint. This is my opinion.------But I am sickened by the comments on many sites that tend to be racial in defending or condemning her clothes. It is clothes people.

The casual dress workplace has changed not only the way people think about dressing but also lessened the chances for learning how to dress from your supervisors. Some of us were not raised by parents knowing what was appropriate for every situation. The book about dressing for success explained how perceptions based on your appearance affected your chances for social acceptance, monetary gains, and public approval. Yes indeed people judge you on your appearance. Usually in a split second.

That said, women over 30 should only wear pink or red nail polish, no women should ever wear white shoes except in June, July and August, and one never wears a lightweight fabric in February (even in black) unless it is 80 degrees in New Orleans. Oh, and Michelle's dress would have looked more fashionable with a hanging pendant or long necklace, both currently on the cutting edge.

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  1. I got a good one for you! Your "fav. lady Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, along with many others set to speak at a Global Warming rally in Washington could not make it because of the major near blizzard conditions, in March no less.
    Nancy P's private jet, the tax payers pay for and probably pay for the carbon offset dollars could not come in because the airport was closed.
    Good thing we have Global Warming or it could have been really bad! WTF