Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lost Vapor

I lost my little puffy ecigarette today. This is a horror story. I was down from a pack and a half a day to about 4 real cigarettes. Now I have to replace, re-deploy, and reorganize. The horror of it all.

Better horror is the Internet ravings I see on just how horrible this ecig phenomena is and how it is corrupting society as we know it. Just imagine, people pretending to smoke a tube that does not harm anyone but themselves, and probably not even really harming ourselves. The horror of it all. The rantings go from tantalizing the non smokers to join us-to killing ourselves in this new manner of not smoking.

Do we feel no shame? We are addicts without censure and shame. We should have to suffer and wear hair shirts for smoking a cigarette. WHICH IS LEGAL BY THE WAY. We should all rot in hell for not throwing the highest taxed product into the gutter and walking away to join all the self righteous bastards that denounce this obscene habit as a product of the devil himself.

And now the powers that are smarter than all the rest of us are fighting to make sure that the little puffy ecigarettes are banned until they can be sold by A LARGE DRUG company and taxed as a tobacco product, even though they are none of the above.

Well now I am pissed. I have not partaken of the following products in years: soda pop, potato chips, processed foods, butter substitutes, sugar substitutes, white sugar, white flour, white rice and pasta that is not whole wheat. I do not drink fruit juice as it is nothing more that a sugar with no fiber content. I only consume chocolate with a high cacao content of 70% or better-and then only one square at a time, not a bar of candy.

My cholesterol is excellent, my blood pressure is excellent and I am not overweight. I am also not anorexic, bulimic, or taking borrowed ADD meds to get smarter.

Keep it up and I will go after your cheap food, drink, and candy which is making you fat. And then there will be war.

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  1. OH NO! I was loving the Vapor. Hope it finds it`s way home. Had the best time reading about the Toe Lady.I did find the ultimate "Happy Color" if the pink didn`t work. See you, The Toe Lady