Saturday, March 7, 2009

Toe Problems

I haven't been sleeping well lately, waking up all hours of the night, tossing and turning, hot and cold, AND THEN suddenly in pain. Horrendous pain. Really bad. It was my toe. My big toe. When my toe touched the bed it was hurting.

Now at 2AM this is kinda hard to get your arms around. Although as any normal person would-I touched my toe in the hurt area. Yes indeedy, it hurt. I just love how whenever I am in pain I must recreate the pain. Well, I was successful. From that moment on I was officially having toe pain.

Okay, first I had to get a plan. Plan A is always to ignore pain as I convince myself it is nothing. By the way I am a hypochondriac. When Plan A doesn't work I go to Plan B. Seeing the Toe Lady on Saturday, pedicure every other week is booked forever. OK, Toe Lady will tell me everything is OK, just a little ingrown which she has fixed before. Toe Lady will set me free.

Toe Lady was like, hmmm, don't know, this could be something, hmmmm. Then of course I had to ask Toe Lady if my toe was going to rot away and fall off. She said probably not. THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. She said if toe still hurts in one week I need to go to the doctor. Now I have to pinch toe every opportunity to gauge the hurt to last time I pinched the toe, will probably cause a huge toe pinching injury and then I will never know. Is the toe OK, did I hurt the toe. And how do you explain this to a doctor, which by the way, is looking at one toe out of ten with no polish. Which is a coral-red. March is the only time of year one can experiment with polish. Next will be pink and then back to summer red for when we get to show off our toes again in rainy April. Unless you are my Martini friend who is currently wearing Three Headed Dog blue on her fingers.

Oh yes, going back to work next week. Think I got the Marvin thing right, still don't have my EPuffer, my mentor Puffette better have that book in hand, and I can't wait too see gregory the worm is still walking and talking.

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