Tuesday, March 31, 2009

29 days and counting

This is the mantra at the three headed dog. 1 day down and counting. Will there be a company in 29 days? Will there be any jobs? Will Bob Nardelli be back to hawking drywall?

Bob was never as well liked as Rick, and look at Rick. Everyone hates Tommy, kinda like he forgot his roots and everyone knows he is a poser. What is next.

According to the reports, we are supposed to suffer. Can someone please explain this suffering. Oh, excuse me, sacrifice. Again, please explain. Sacrifice what and to whom?

Funny of the day, Big Manager Dude wants to know if I am having weekly or bi-weekly continuous-improvement meetings. Nope. Nada. Not even weekly what have you done for me today meetings. No Meetings. However there are also no meetings on the sheet metal out of spec. Guess they don't care if the fucking windows won't go up. WTF.

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