Friday, March 27, 2009

Top Quality Ratings for US Vehicles

I can tell you right now this is not due to any specific function in any company. My new plant, Plant Okey Dokey, produces the highest rated car in the newest J.D. Powers report. And this in spite of the management. The union workers are right on top of this action, which is not seen at all plants. The management workers are fighting to "BE IMPORTANT". Hilarious, I originally misspelled this as "IMPOTENT".

Same shit, different day.

Hard week as everyone is scurrying to make their lives "IMPOTENT".

Got to give credit to Plant Okey Dokey, they are getting the job done, and they are nice people.

Got my new vapor items today, need to charge up tonight while I am sleeping and fix it up tomorrow. Hair tomorrow, new hair lady as my hair lady is learning new shit at hair school in California. Tomorrow may have stress.

Gregory the worm is still trying to kill me at Plant Loco, but he is still being nice about it. The problem is the fucker does not speak English. Ever try to listen to someone on a cell phone that does not speak English and has no desire to improve this portion of his acclimating skills. It is painful.

That is the word of today, PAIN FULL.

Funny of the day, at Plant Okey Dokey, during break, everyone thought they were on American Idol or a street corner on New Orleans. I was too busy to vote.

I do not agree with all the spell check changes, but what the hell.

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