Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blogger fucked me over

In the composing of my previous post Blogger changed my entire blogging experience.

I do not feel like going to blogger school right now.

I cannot edit or do anything.

Fuck it.


  1. Sometimes I do an entire blog and Blogger just eats it. That is why these days I always do my blogs in Word then copy and paste them into the blog. So Blogger can go fuck itself.

  2. My iPad is unreliable in keeping a particular session going so I find myself constantly copying to the clipboard, but I also find that certain versions of the blogger comment forms won't allow pasting in the last month or so, which is eXtremely irritating. I find that after a loss of edit session I can usually just go to Edit Posts tab and my post will be available, usually right at the top. Sometimes though it loses the most recent changes to a post when I punch the preview button when I try to resume editting, which is the ultimate in programming stupidity.

  3. I am surprised somewhat by the instability of modern computers. We had HP minicomputers in the 1987 to 1994 era that ran lab sysytems that were complex multiuser multitasking that ran databases and collected data from instrumentation that would often run for over a YEAR without rebooting. They were even multiprocessor in that they had several microprocessors on the different I/O boards. This RTE-A operating system and equipment were very robust and capable.

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  4. Esby, does seem like some Pork going on here.

  5. Pork(?) .. I have no idea what you mean .. I'm just a nerd-geek computer scientist reminiscing about a computer from the "good ol' days". I think the main clock ran at one megahertz, or roughly one to three thousand times slower than modern microprocessors, yet it did some marvelous things very fast. Thats all. Fortran days. But I did enjoy Oracle on the next generation of mini computers, this time a Sun.