Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am bored.

Big Daddy is traveling and the fog/smog is so bad today I can barely see outside. BD is trying to entertain me with his new program, rejected supplier and hotel. He called downstairs for a razor and ended up with the information that Jim was in room 2015. Guess they did not understand the beard on the chin situation.

Supplier forgot that BD does not believe they are good enough to flush down a squat toilet. They tried to take him to dinner, just all showed up and when he told them that was a lot of people to drive him to the hotel Chatty Cathy sprang the dinner plans. He refused and his boss was amazed that they took no for an answer. That guy is such a wuss. Then Chatty got upset that BD had his hotel changed, she had booked them into, TRUE NAME, the Romantical Hotel. BD told her he did not need a hooker. Which also meant I did not got pictures of the condoms and underpants in the rooms.

We have the tickets for home leave and BD is supposed to get the tickets for New Orleans this afternoon. Then I have to start planning our lunches and dinners. And cooking at home. I really want to make a pie. Maybe Punkin Head will have a request.

The politics are boring me too, I mean really how can this group be this boring? Michelle was the only fun. Funniest I saw yesterday was a reporter talking to one of them about his sweater or vest, don't remember and for 100 dollars you can get one from the campaign. She was all about how expensive that was. Then the guy mentions it is made in America. People, ya gotta pick, but when you always pick Walmart don't ask why everyone has a crappy job. And if you shop at Walmart you don't need that much money anyway.

I was very excited when I heard everyone was watching the new season of Downton Abbey, then I found out it is the season I saw last year on the phony DVDs. I need to find out about this movie Inception everyone is talking about and see if I already threw that one away. I watched most of Marie Antoinette the other night, not a bad movie but for shit's sake, how long can a movie be without losing some of the audience due to death, births, appointments, that is the longest movie ever. I need to finish it and see if that was true about cutting her head off.


  1. (Please eXcuse my single word comment, it is 2:15 AM)

  2. Esby, do you know, did they really cut her head off?

    Better yet, do you know if this Inception movie is any good?

  3. I believe the real person was decapitated and, no, I haven't seen Inception, didn't know about it either.