Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Random Thoughts

Big Daddy got dissed by a street vendor. He was walking down the street with his Trader Joe's insulated shopping bag and this cretin told him his bag was a piece of shit. Now come on, it has a zipper and shoulder strap. He tried to sell BD phony paper logo shopping bags. You know, Prada, Chanel, status bags. Who the fuck would buy a phony paper bag to carry their shit in.

The luggage I want is only sold in China. Yes, this gives me pause. But there are items manufactured strictly for the China market. The Briggs and Riley bags are ugly as can be, the Wenger bags in the US market don't appeal to me. I may go with the cardboard box the Chinese use, that and an Ikea bag and you are a world traveler.

No iPhone for me, the 4s unlocked with no contract sells for about a grand in the U.S. My conversations usually involve intense conversation like, "where are you", or text messages that say "In the taxi now". Not worth a grand.

Next day-I lost some of the post yesterday and then the Internet went off-line for a few hours. The Internet is so crazy here right now.

Something weird happened this month. I got a FB message from my mother. We have not communicated since last summer. She sent me a Happy New Year on January 11. WTF. No Happy Birthday, no Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday's, no Happy Jewish Day, and now this. Don't know what she was going for, belated calendar date or very early Lunar New Year.

Crazy of the day-The migrants cannot get to their home towns for Lunar New Year. The migrants pretty much make everything sold and live in deplorable dormitories. When the New Year's shutdown happens the dormitories are usually shutdown and the workers have no choice but to take their shit and leave. China introduced on-line purchases of train tickets last year. You must have a China ID card and a credit card to purchase these tickets. The migrants don't know how to use the system and all the tickets are sold out when they get to the stations. Talk about a plan.

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