Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Fireworks

This is Chinese New Year's Eve from my balcony on the 28th floor.

It was quite a bit calmer this year. Either the Dragons were busy or the cold and damp slowed some people down. Lasted about 8 hours, but only Sunday night.  Then off and on until daylight. The rest of the nights maybe ten minutes here and there.

The video store had Boardwalk Empire and I must say this is quite good. That is one thing I will miss, we never bought or even rented this stuff at home. Of course, we never had that much time to watch television.


  1. I just got Boardwalk Empire from Amazon and am waiting till cate goes away to watch it. She does not like gangster stuff - but enjoyed every moment of the Sopranos - go figure.

  2. Boardwalk Empire is great, finally got the video to work. Go figure