Friday, January 27, 2012

Deja Vu, all over again

I have no idea what this is supposed to be.

I was actually feeling kind of bad that the fireworks only lasted one night, Sunday. Well, Thursday I went to bed and slept for 2 hours. Then the dragon woke up and we had non-stop fireworks for about 12 hours. WTF.

I almost posted a real picture of the real me but I slapped myself before scaring the hell out of everyone. The sink used for hand washing at the bar is outside of the WC and sits rather low. So I am bent over drying my hands and Big Daddy shouts something out and I turned. So stooped and twisting I was caught giving the "don't make me hurt you" face. The truth is I do not photograph well and this one was worse than usual. This happened after the hairdresser insisted on taking a Polaroid of me and BD at the salon. He looks great, I look like a Yeti with nice hair. I did not think they still made Polaroid film.

Good news is BD has 2 interviews back in the states, one in our hometown and one in New Orleans. The latter is coming into town for a face to face after the phone interview. It is nice they are coming to BD instead of the other way around. Have to try and schedule them before the parades. They want an approximate idea of our expectations for a relo package. How the hell should we know. What are people currently getting? If anyone has information, let me know. I doubt it is as good as before the bottom fell out but it can't be as bad  as when we left.

Bad news is BD has a back situation. He has never had one before. I rubbed some Eye of The Tiger oil on him and he took some ibuprofen and we will see.


  1. My wife uses Biofreeze roll-on for her back. Hope you are able to escape China.

  2. Good idea, but we are out of frozen peas.

  3. Doctors say frozen peas are an excellent ice pack and I thought it kind of rhymed with Biofreeze

  4. Biofreeze, Frozen Peas, Biofreeze, Frozen Peas, Biopeas, frozenfreeze, Pass some this way, Please. Thank you.