Tuesday, January 17, 2012


As you all know I take none of this Blogging seriously. I am also so far removed from a technie designation it is amazing I can turn the laptop on and off.

Well, I fell off my crappy dining room chair today when I checked my profile. You see someone told me they did not have my email address. It is on the Blog I said to myself. Not anymore.

The whole thing is changed. I did not recognize myself. I am thinking this is where the precious italic comments must come from. And Esby is now twins in my meager group of followers, but he is not counted twice which I feel is somewhat unfair.

So it is not all the evil China Internet monsters, the evil Blogger people are throwing poisonous pixie dust on my little posts.

The cherry on my sundae, The Closer now has a little key (means you have to  pay) on my television watching whatchamacallit. Just said that as y'all don't need to know how I watch TV, only I figure any 3rd grader could figure that out.

I can't fix this shit until I get home so I am positive that I will get crankier as the days pass by. Grrr.


  1. As a computer scientist I am amazed at how poorly the database functionality works. The number of followers should be an easy thing to display, but they can even screw up a simple numerical total. They have broken so many of my blog photos, but not all of them. And I noticed that I am twinned on your Members list, but only about 90 percent of the time. About 10 percent another woman shows up and I am on there just once. I agree, I should count as twice! (haha)

  2. Another strange thing is the time display. It has your publication time as 6:00 AM which indicates Eastern time zone, but then my comment appears EARLIER in time as 3:31AM, like it is Pacific time, even though I am in Central time zone, and it is about (now) 37 minutes later than your original publication time based on blogger's sorted order of most recent blogs. Totally messed up! Why display a time if you don't include a timezone with an internationally connected group of people?

  3. And now I can only read the comments in Google Chrome. I need to switch it all over to Chrome when I am home, I hate to do anything here as you never know what will happen. I am going to upgrade the software and do some housekeeping then.