Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh Crud, Geaux Saints

Hate it when my two favorites play and one has to lose.

Now have to be a Who Dat.

Can't wait to see how the Niners coach treats Payton. Don't get too cocky there, Jim.


  1. Ah, Monsieur Esby, now we must be part of the Who Dat nation to defeat the Niners, just a petite lagniappe for you personally as you seem to adore flea flickers in the language arts.

  2. I really don't follow football as an adult. As a child in SD I was a Greenbay fan, and moving to TX, a Cowboy. But football slowly ebbed away, with the last few years being only interested in the commercials, and those I haven't paid much attention to the last couple of seasons of mayhem as I try, failingly, to avoid the void of the screen, only to be enticed by a sitcom or two, or a Blind Side. Well, it was Sandra Bullock. Its hard for me to avoid Sandra, *sigh*, ... I need a support group called AA, Avoid Airwaves.

  3. Okay,okay, I looked at the map and New Orleans is physically closer, but I have actually spent more time, probably twice as much, in San Francisco, decisions, decisions .... I checked just now, is it down to two teams yet? Is Denver still in the running? I think they are the ones closest to me.

  4. If you really want to hang your hat on John Elways's old pant, I think that is an option.

    Or you move into this century and root for the Saints, don't forget not that many years ago they were the Aint's.