Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I have caught another cold

I was amazed at how I could have caught another cold. Then today I had that aha moment. I watched the ayi empty the trash can overflowing with used tissues and noticed she had no gloves on. And then waited to see her wash her hands, which never happened. Then I remembered, these people do not wash their hands very often, if ever. My cleaning lady at home wore gloves. Yes, disposable gloves. Need to buy more bleach.

Which brings me to another issue that bugs me. Flight attendants that wear gloves to pick up the trash but do not wear gloves to hand me food and drink. As it is all about me, all the time, shouldn't they wear gloves to hand me consumables? As they never touch the trash and always touch the food and drink I am confused. They hold that bag as far away from themselves as possible and if you miss, oh well, it is gonna stay on the filthy carpet for the duration of the flight.

Big Daddy had another job interview last night, 11PM China time, and these people have won the prize for unattainable candidate. They want someone that is a tooling expert, a manufacturing expert, an engineering manager, a purchasing agent, and someone to set up a department to develop patents for the company. And manage over 100 people. They are firing the current guy because he is a tooling expert and cannot handle the additional responsibilities. So we know one other guy that is competing with BD for a job, that guy has to know they are shopping his job.

We now have reservations for New Orleans. It is a miracle. I think BD is so bogged down in bullshit he is losing his edge in personal lifestyle management. Or I made him brain dead with chanting bigger, bigger. He had an epiphany and called the bar at the hotel and asked to be switched to the reservations manager. Bingo, we have the room we wanted. Not at the old hotel, the second hotel, which is becoming the better hotel. I will post on this if we ever get there. Still waiting for HR sign-off and travel bitch to fuck up the tickets home. Oh, the HR guy that would have signed off and that worked with the expats has disappeared. No one is talking. Hmmm. The stories I could tell.


  1. Ah, so you've hired a dirtying lady instead of a cleaning lady.

    I am glad you get your trip to North Amiracle!

  2. I did not hire any of these ayis, they come with the lease, they change the linens, stock toilet paper and pretend to clean. That is it. That is why I clean and sterilize after they leave. The pretend cleaning is washing out coffee cups and swabbing the floors. It is a frigging nightmare watching them.