Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Story of the Pink Diamond

Big Daddy and I have a game we play. We only buy gifts for each other at odd times. If I have a desire for a present I will say so. If it is specific I will say so. There are no rules. BD does not like routine gifts so he gets surprises and mostly he gets to pick out his own gifts as this makes him happy.

In order to make him smile I have resorted to asking for a pink diamond. Today he was walking down the street with the worst charlatans hawking shit when he was approached with the opportunity of buying a real Rolex for 250 RMB. He told Mr. Seller he wanted a pink diamond. The guy had diamonds. BD must have felt like fucking with the dude because he told him the 18k gold and 2 carat diamond was not good enough, he wanted platinum. The guy went and got him a platinum ring. As BD has been taught here in China he took out his lighter and put the flame to the ring. It melted.

Back in the real world we both think the request for relo expectations is a fear that we would require 2 moves, one from China and then again from Michigan. We have that response worked out as we have no expectations for the China move. I did have to face the reality that the Thai cabinet is not going home. It would cost a lot more than I paid for it in shipping charges. The rest of the shit is not worth a lot and some of it I can take with me. I am making 3 piles of stuff, stuff I am taking back, stuff for BD to take back when he leaves and stuff to pitch at the bitter end.

Because I have made another decision. I probably will not be coming back. Never say never, but unless something happens of an emergency nature I am not planning to return. There is nothing for me here and no matter what happens BD won't be here that long. I figure, depending on the circumstances I can look for a job or do some volunteer work. Maybe think about getting a dog. Do some projects, learn to knit, or look into my plan of starting a bordello in the French Quarter.


  1. Puppy Time soon! New Orleans! Knitting!

  2. FMC, I am so glad you've made the decision not to go back. That place makes you miserable. I don't quite understand why, then again, I'm here in my little house in Jersey with my cats and my stuff (too much!) around me. Perhaps it's nearness to family, which I understand (not enough!).

    Anyway, I think you'll be much happier to come back and stay. Happy homecoming!

  3. Becs, I feel better just making the decision.

    Esby, no puppies, I only do rescue dogs now. No more teething, potty training and nighttime crying. It has to be small dog as I have a small house and yard. Hopefully a poodle as I understand how they think.

  4. I understand that poodles are a smart breed, so that says alot about you. I still call Cooper a puppy even though he is six and a half and weighs almost a hundred pounds. He seems to like the word. When I went down the Messissoupi River in Google Earth the other day doing a distance measurement, I got to the French Quarter and remembered it was one of your favorite cities.

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  6. How long will BD be in China without you?