Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Purple Dragon

This is my purple dragon.

I am still mad at Blogger. They changed horses and jockeys in the middle of the race.

When I was trying to download the fireworks video, Blogger changed to the new and improved format. You know, the one that makes it really hard to blog now. They also asked if they can track me. Huh, is like stalking?I use a VPN, actually I use more than one, so no one can track me. I mean really, when I am in New Orleans are they going to send me a coupon for a free Hurricane?

I also tried Vimeo which was a waste of my time.

The fireworks video is working now, for how long, who knows.

We went to the museum yesterday and I saw another one of those "flower carved things" this one for 8000  RMB, the first one saw and wanted was 1000 RMB. Got the cheapo dragon instead in the rabbit warren. It is supposed to be Jade, yeah right.


  1. Hey if you use a vpn or a proxy how come you get fucked up by the Chinese internet people?

  2. The Chinese track all traffic. They just cannot shut down all traffic at once. They track by code words and traffic patterns. They really hate FB and Google. So if there is a traffic surge, or CNN talks about some foibles, they shut down or slow down certain tunnels. For a while they were completely shutting down Shanghai for certain time periods. The VPN has to stay one step ahead all the time. That is why the cheaper ones are for shit. And that is why I have 2, usually I can get one of them to work if the Internet is up to speed.

    The other day Shemp fell asleep at the desk and accidently turned the entire system off in the hotel. Or Chinanet shuts down all the systems.

    Vimeo(dot)com allows you to upload video similar to a Picassa type site. It did not work very well for me and they really want you to upgrade from the free site.