Friday, January 13, 2012

Still alive Punkin Head

Tickets for home leave are Feb 4-17 and Nola is 9-13. There will be 2 parades in the Quarter during our stay, Krewe of Cork (winos) and Barkus, which is the dog parade. The Queen of the Barkus parade is supposed to be a  shelter rescued dog.

Big Daddy is driving me nuts, he did not have fun on his train trip back to Shanghai.

Did I mention there is no heat in the train stations.

I tried to console him last night and took him to the Italian place for dinner. Bonus, nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and you get to take the bottle home to finish it. Truffle pizza again. Demerit, lost my good black leather gloves. These should be harder than shit to replace here.

When I got up this morning my foot hit a huge wet spot in the white fuzzy throw rug. I thought the dog pissed on the rug. Then I remembered we don't have a dog. It seems I created a micro Eco-system from the humidifier and caused a rain cloud over the rug. It stayed on top, not soaking through, thank goodness.

Big Daddy's phony Wenger bag fell apart, lasted about a year and a half before complete disintegration. He will now be stealing my real Wenger bag, it is a rolling laptop bag, you can actually roll it easily down the aisle in the plane. Now I have a reason to shop for new luggage. My Tumi bag is falling apart, real Tumi, and if they fix it for free fine, if not fuckem, I do like the Wenger better. Better wheels.

The China Daily had an article on the Apple Store riot in Beijing. Guess they had a bunch of re-sellers in the line, and a bunch of migrants acting as shills, as you could only buy 2 at a time. This was the launch of the iPhone 4s. Stupid me wondered why anyone would buy a real iPhone from a street hawker at a premium price. The Chinese take tremendous pride in being the first. First in line, first to own something, first to be first. They got into fist fights and Apple refused to open and will only sell the phone on-line. Hilarious. That reminds me, going home soon. Wonder what the iPhone sells for in Michigan. Must check Best Buy.


  1. I read about the riotous Must Have Apple behavior and I was hoping you weren't one of them.

  2. Strange, I noticed my comment was in Italics(?)

  3. Yes, it happened recently, the Italics and I don't have a clue why or how to fix it. Strange, like the Italics peeps took over my comments.

  4. I didn't understand the piece "Nola is 9-13".

  5. You should have seen the queues in Glasgow for the new iPhone, people are crazy!

  6. Welcome, Tabitha, love your Blog.

    Esby, NOLA should have been all caps, New Orleans, LA

  7. When they line up at an Apple store - how do they know it is a real Apple store and not a fake Apple store? Or a fake line?

  8. Nola - not sure what your email address is to tell you about the snow hotel?