Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr. is a 3 day weekend

Big Daddy said something this morning about MLK day and I mumbled no it was not Monday, it is Wednesday.  He was watching CNN and then I recalled the way the United States treats MLK day. Dr. King has a designated day in his honor. In my mind I thought this was supposed to mean that this was the day you thought and reflected on the person and his life. Not in the USof A, it has become a union holiday.  It is becoming no more important than a President's Day sale at the local mall.

It would not be a big deal to shut down whatever needs to be shut down on the actual day. So the assembly plants shut down on Wednesday, what is the difference? Ah, a three day weekend.

I remember when he was killed. I lived in the south and had recently moved north. I remember that funeral. I remember the Klan and the white only drinking fountains. Hell, I lived in Memphis.  Hell, I remember that in the 90's this shit still happened. So I am just a little offended that people think it is A-okay to celebrate a three day weekend instead of a man. It is so damn insulting to his memory.

Sad of the day: When I was working we had a fugly and I was trying to get it fixed, with no resolution. Everyone was off that day, it was a plant holiday. When the customer started yelling at me I "dropped" the ball and said it was MLK day, this was of course in October. They looked at me like I had grown horns. I was only repeating what I had been told all day by assholes.  Well, the plant I was covering for in this debacle had a union vote and decided to take the holiday on the first day of hunting season, they just kept the same name for the holiday. Oops.

No I am not really that stupid and only said that in a closed door meeting. I really don't care if you observe holidays or not. I do mind when people use any excuse for a three weekend and pretend it is to praise someone that might not agree with that shit.

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  1. Oh, that is wild, MLKjr day as a day for hunting. You are right, it is s'pposed to be about remembering, not shopping. I don't remember that day he was shot, but I fully remember the day a few months later when RFK was shot on my birthday. I was so devastated.