Thursday, January 19, 2012

Planning our escape

We need to start packing for the home leave. We also need to think about what to take home and how we can get it there. This is the last year for China and decisions need to be made. We have a few plans, A, B and maybe C-.

Big Daddy has 1 and 1/2 job interviews when we are back in the states. A company he talked to this week sounds perfect and that scares me. Perfect just does not work out often. And I will never forget the time he got a great offer overnighted and it was rescinded. The HR Director came back from maternity leave and was pissed they filled the position without her input. So she changed the job description and qualifications. And to this day they have never filled that job. 5 years and no takers. BD stays in touch with the guy that kinda hired him. The other job he wanted just moved into their new headquarters  and are in sticker shock at the final cost. So that job will not be filled this quarter anyway. And of course, the call us right away if you get on offer people. To me that smacks of no integrity. It reminds me of people who quit thinking the company will try and woo them to stay. Nope, if I give you notice I am leaving.

This is the last day of work before the Lunar New Year and BD needs to get a shopping list and tomorrow I get my hair done. The fireworks are going off as I write this. I will have to look outside tonight and see if the colorful fireworks have started.


  1. I think it is cool that other people celebrate your haircut with fireworks.

  2. I have BD on a mission to try and do a video, whoa if that works. Anyway I will do a play by play of the fun and excitement.

  3. Fireworks must do wonders for the air quality.