Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ink by Donabeth Jones, Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans

This a picture Punkin Head got for us one year. He knows we love New Orleans and was looking for something that would remind us of our favorite place. It has the artist's card and history on the back of the drawing. As he tells it is was not to come by, the owner was not keen to sell. It is one of our favorites and sits on the wet bar in the Family Room. As you can see cleaning is not going quickly and I am not a cleaning maven. I like it clean, just don't like to do all the work. I now have way, way too many espresso cups to wash, this is like the sheets, what was I thinking.

Still quite warm here and sunny thank God, when I finally get outside I am sure it will be cold and rainy.

The ice maker in the bar is making odd noises, I turned it off as it was iced over and before I got the bin out there was water everywhere. There is a small hole in the bottom of the bin and it looks like it was set on a hot burner. I think it will be okay as long as it is frozen but somehow the turn off and cleaning made it mad and it is growling at me.

Doing my best and keeping a stiff upper lip.


  1. Sorry, I not an eXpert on ice makers.

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  3. But machinery that growls is not good

  4. The ice maker quit growling, I think that is worse, it is waiting for an attack.