Monday, March 19, 2012

False Spring is here

Pink snow flake type spring bulbs, usually seen in patches of snow. Esby wanted to know how Spring is making on early appearance here in SE Michigan.

Having spent way too many years in Michigan I know this weather is gonna hurt soon. 60's and 70's the last few weeks. Everything is in bud stage and an ice storm is always on the horizon this time of year. We always have a bad ice storm or snow this time of year. And it kills the plants and buds. My Weeping Cherry and Jade Cherry trees are in bud, the European Tri-color Beech tree is holding back a bit more, maybe smarter. The daffodils and tulips are up and most of the early spring bulbs are in bloom. Peonies are poking their heads up.

This afternoon I went to town for groceries, left the house in sunglasses and noticed I could not see the end of the main street when I turned right. Half way down the big street I could not see the yacht club. The fog was so bad I could not see the lake from Lake Shore Drive.

The garage gate was up at Trader Joe's, they are finally fixing the broken machines, yea.

I bought the cheapest vodka that they had at Jerry's Party Store. I heard cut tulips will not flop over if you add vodka to the water. As I do not drink "hard liquor" it seemed silly to buy vodka for once a year flowers. However in searching out cheap cleaning procedures I learned that vodka is also good for cleaning silk flowers, tile surfaces, clothes that cannot be cleaned (theater trick) and is good on mold and mildew. Who knew.  


  1. Buds are popping up all over the place here and I suspect they might be in for some bad news in a week or two.

  2. You might check to see if your vodka is flammable, you could cause a fire or eXplosion in a tight area if you have an ignition source.

  3. Esby, I thought all vodka and alcohol was flammable, is there something I need to know about cheap and cheaper alcohol? I also read really cheap hairspray would clean silk flowers but you should use it outdoors due to the cheap fumes.

  4. Yep, spring is here - the deer have already eaten my daylilies down to the ground. *sigh*