Friday, March 23, 2012

This is not right

Weeping Cherry, first is it is too early for this blooming, second is the tree I bought on the recommendation from the nursery was supposed to be tall and skinny, not short and fat. I wonder if the tree got it from me.

I have spent about 5000 on this stupid spot in the yard over the years. I have had the nursery come out and look and help me. I am thinking if we stay here I need to find the "penis statue guys" that were selling yard ornamentation  in New Orleans and go with a nonliving landscape item.

To bring everyone up to date, hair is fabulous, money spent today was painful. I think I have truly become a  Grosse Pointer, I am getting cheap.

Hair charges were fair but made me wince. Next I had to buy a new coffee maker and coffee bean grinder. When the coffee maker started growling this morning it was enough of this appliance talking back shit. The grinder also begrudgingly gave me it's final effort. I have an expensive coffee maker that is in the pantry broken and I need to get that fixed, don't know where and last time it took a month, so I need a coffee maker. 200 bucks later I have a bare minimum coffee maker and new grinder. Off topic but hilarious, my manicurist told me she is now spending 139.00 dollars a year for coffee, from Brueggers, it is such a deal as last year she spent almost 800 dollars on coffee. By the cup. She does not make coffee at home and buys it a cup at a time from "coffee shops". WTF.

IBS kicked in before I could buy any meat.

Mayor Bing, Detroit, on the verge of bankruptcy,  is in the hospital for what is being described as inflamed intestines. Hmm, the doctors are saying it can be caused by stress. No shit.

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  1. I was laughing in such a different manner than normal at your paragraph number two so my wife actuaLLy thought I was crying for a second.