Monday, March 26, 2012

Just when can you throw ethics out the window.

Big Daddy got an email tonight, his time, from a company that he did not get an offer from last month. New position and not thru the recruiter, personal email from the person hiring to BD. BD had some questions about the process last time, mainly the recruiter, and this "hiring" person told him the job was already filled, not the recruiter. Something was hinky with the situation and now this guy is talking about a new position but has the same question, what is your timeline.

We have talked about this and the hardship of getting a job when you are on another Continent. BD just told me today that his company is fucking with his contract. Sometimes in ways that suck but cannot be deemed violations and sometimes actual violations of the contract. Either way it means less money for us. Without saying too much, this is getting ugly.

We are seriously discussing giving no notice if he gets another job. I know, this is shitty in the real world but we do not live in the real world. We need to get the fuck out of China without losing our shirts or our freedoms. The worst I can think of them doing is cancelling our medical insurance, kicking him out of the apartment and cancelling his visa. The visa thing means China can confiscate your passport for whatever time they deem appropriate. There is also money in the bank there.

My idea is if and when you get a signed offer, take a few days off for sick days, take care of your business, fly home and quit when you are on US soil. Drive over to the shit employers and turn in your laptop and Sim card, and threaten to sue if they give you shit. Or fuck us over on the COBRA.

This is so unpleasant.

If we get away from these fucks with our skin intact I may let it go. If they fuck with me I might just go ballistac and tell all. The Internet is changing many things, mainly how people communicate and announce "this is not right and fucked UP". The major problem I see with this is that the employer makes you sue them and then settle depending on your evidence of their "bad practices".

So, is quitting without notice, violating your contract after the company already violated it, is that a bad thing?


  1. Quid pro quo.

    First and foremost, make sure BD is safely home. That's the most important thing. And I've hoped all along that you've kept your own secret blog/diary. Too many news outlets in the US yammer on and on about how wonderful for the recent US college graduates to up sticks and go to Shanghai, etc.

    Come home, BD, come home. Oh, I gave a week's notice once. I might as well have just walked out and never come back.

  2. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. If there's even a chance that they'd confiscate his Visa, absolutely, get out first, and then tell 'em.

  3. Thanks guys, BD has every email ever sent on a thumb drive. I am hoping and praying that this time it will be okay. I told him quit on US soil and drive across town and give them the laptop and Sim card. I have my old Cobra papers so at least I have names and phone numbers. As of now it is still a US company.

  4. A company will never ask itself whether something is a good or bad idea, only how it will affect them. Looks like you've, personally, reached that stage.

    Leave and don't look back.


  5. I agree. Do what you have to do to get out. Bring BD home. We have done this living apart thing for 12 months years ago and it sucks.