Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jobs, to have or not to have

Big Daddy talked to his buddy at the Big Company that may involve Brazil. Seems the guy that wants to hire him is ranting and such at HR for dragging things out. That just makes those people happy. I believe most HR people just love to see people miserable, gives them something to do, have meetings about cranky, crabby people.

Loosie Goosie is losing her people. Quitting and not looking back. Guess no one is too happy with the move and the sale of the company but Loosie is saying everything is great and treating her people horribly. She makes her department eat lunch with her and pay the tab. WTF, I would have kicked her ass on the way out the door and told everything I was looking for my steamed buns.

Job interview yesterday was a no-go, I would have to relocate to the mid south and take a job with a short life expectancy. Every one in that position gets fired. No power, all the blame and everyone turns on you when things go to shit. Had that job once and it was nasty, I got another job and gave notice. I did hear from one of the guys I used to work with and he gave me some good tips. He recently got a new job and I am dying to know what happened.

Went to the dentist today for a check up and cleaning and everything is fine. Decided I should go to Farm's Market instead of Trader Joe's as I need tea and it must be decaf. Twinings Earl Grey and green tea was about it for choices, hope it is okay, China did have nice tea. Now I need to find a teapot. Don't remember if I had one or not. Off to search.

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