Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chicken Skins

Only the end item, cooked chicken skins, as the first pics were blurry and the Chinese Police made Big Daddy move it along.

She was cooking them for a restaurant and offered BD one for 1 quai. He was alley wandering and came upon the chicken assembly line. She has chickens in cages, she kills them, plucks them, separates and organizes and then fries up the skins. Yumm.

Big Daddy was looking to get out of the apartment and eat. He found a great Spanish Tapas spot near Xian Tan Di that we never knew about. He is lonely. So am I.

I made butter bean soup and while edible, not much to write home about.

The Descendants is on HBO demand something, if I could figure that out I could watch a movie.


  1. VVovv, that sounds like an interesting movie. My first girlfriend in college vvas from Hawaii. I lost track of her for about tvventy years, then discovered she vvas living nearby in Amarillo. Small vvorld.