Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Fancy Lady

The fancy lady is signed by someone that may be named Peter Morgan dated 31 or 37, hard to read and I do not have a magnifying glass. I fell in love with the lady and Big Daddy had to pay more than he wanted as the frame and the glass are original. That is how I would look if I had an ounce of propriety. It is damned hard taking pictures of pictures with glass covering the pictures.

I have made my way to the Master Bedroom, master meaning it is my room and I am taking it back over. No room is thoroughly clean yet, too many nooks and cranny's. And shit to clean.

If anyone is worried about me feeding myself, well you should. I made a tuna salad last night and I was not a happy camper. The Trader Joe's fresh peas did not freshen up according to the directions on the package. It said to boil them for 90 seconds. I think 90 years may have fixed that little problem.

Big Daddy is still interviewing his heart out, kinda sad that the one guy is in remission (good for him and bad for us), and one headhunter was so shady that BD called his boss (of course no "root cause"  from the boss but a new plan and the boss is handling him now), and comments from 2 of his better headhunters that being on another continent just fucks it all up. He has a good lead now, and the one in the hip pocket and we will see. May be better to get home and then get a better job. That sounds so cold, but it is what it is.

Tomorrow is my favorite day, garbage day, and then I am getting my hair done. I am going to Farm's Market to pick up a case of wine and I might buy fresh meat. I have not had any since BD left and I am quite afraid to buy and cook it. If I can't cook peas what the hell am I going to do with meat.


  1. Getting hair done is almost always a brightening of the soul event.

    I think the tiny pineapple plant I have been trying to get growing for several months is finaLLy taking off, it is a present/request from a local friend. She has had a hard time medicaLLy so maybe it will cheer her up. I think she had to quit work even.

  2. I don't have a hair problem and do my own. Good luck with the meat!

  3. Esby, you are a sweet man.

    Badger, Big Daddy has about the same amount of hair as you do and when I found him a hair cut place it take 1 and 1/2 hours. I was laughing my ass off and BD was giving me the look, WTF is going on here.