Monday, March 5, 2012

I was trapped at Trader Joe's

It was scary, there I was at the ticket machine trapped by a metal arm and cranky old people behind me. I put the ticket in and it started making funny noises and then it prompted me to put my ticket in. For a minute there I thought I was back in China, but I was driving so I snapped out of that pretty quick and pushed the "help" button. And we all sat there. After a bit this vehicle pulls up and the Mall Cop comes over to my window. After I explained the problem he pulled the ticket out with his electronic hand held machine and tried it again multiple times. Then he tells me I am third one today and he walks into to guard shack to punch a button. WTF, if I am third why keep trying and why not fix this piece of shit? And I forgot my salad dressing so I must return tomorrow for more of this fun.

I also went to the CVS pharmacy and I am convinced I can get the clerks job. No one can be that unhappy so I am sure she is dying of a terminal disease and will be gone soon. Would it kill ya to say hi back?

I had to revise my resume, still in Mandarin/English so that took some time. Dude is supposed to call me this afternoon. Should prolly send the resume to my old boss and let him know I can at least do contract/project assignments. All this means I need an interview outfit and then work clothes. At least I won't have to run around Michigan saying bigger, bigger. Everyone here is bigger, bigger.


  1. I have no job interview prospects, but I definitely need new pants for everyday use.

  2. Most of the sales assistants in this town act like they have just been sentenced to death.