Saturday, March 3, 2012

Odds and Ends

Well, lets see whats new. I lost my recycling bin. I forgot to bring it up from the curb and the huge winds took it away. I was amazed when I looked out the window, I expected a lot of downed branches from the old trees. Nope clean and clear and no recycle bin. In my defense I have never brought it in before because I have never used it before. Punkin Head took it out and I guess my brain did not register the bringing it in part. Drat, if I can't find it, dreaming, then I have to go get another one from the city.

I have washed a million Trader Joe's shirts. Don't ask.

I received a LinkedIn request and a job inquiry. I asked him to call me Monday and we will see. It is the same commodity as my last job so maybe. I was not sure if I wanted to do that again. If it is a similar job I should contact my old boss too. That job was so whack, horrible hours to boredom, late night and early morning calls and getting screamed at once a day. Of course it was also hilarious. And it payed well. Don't think I could do it again for less money, it was really demanding and a huge responsibility.

One of Big Daddy's guys he is in touch with is still talking about Brazil and one is talking France. The others are all US positions so what to do. I could stay here in the money pit and work or continue following BD wherever he goes. I kinda think we should stick together but I need something to do. And cooking and cleaning is not working out for me. I need my cleaning lady back and a bunch of money to eat out all the time.

New wine tried, Cut The Fluff, a white wine. Nice soft easy wine to drink would go well with mild foods. Or just drinking. Remember they all under ten bucks. So far it is the only winner. Had a Darien Rioja, okay but nothing to write home about. Most of the wine in China was from New Zealand and I guess this some law about plastic corks or screw tops and I like dealing with those better. Decent wines and no weird cork issues.

I am reading Stet Damnit by Florence King, all her columns or whatever from the National Review for ten years or so. Interesting and fun as you are reading initial impressions of things in the past. She wrote about the times and culture and political happenings of the day. I am also starting Fordlandia by Greg Grandin, Henry Ford building a town in South American, the right way.

Speaking of the Right Way, there is a huge brouhaha over this women's contraception issue. In a nutshell it seems that the new law demands that women get free birth control from their insurance companies. I don't know if it means no co-pay or just no charge at the pharmacy. People are comparing it to ED meds for men and I don't know if that is co-pay either. I do know that my insurance requires generic drugs for co-pay. My Synthroid is now some unpronounceable name med and in China I had to cut the pill in half. Anyhoo, my question is if I have to take generic drugs, shouldn't everyone have to do the same? I think birth control should be covered and not ED meds but, not to clear your acne or for luxury of only having 4 periods a year.


  1. I am too incoherent to understand the current drug mess, other than to know that Rush Limbaugh was way outta line with his comments about that woman who spoke before the congressional committee.

    I am not much of a wine person, eXcept for some Asti Spumante, I think that is how it is spelled. I think that is the Italian word for 'foamy' - nope, I was wrong, it means 'sparkling'.

    I forgot to tell you I got a Japanese language app for my iPad and I am enjoying it. I already jumped ahead to the quizzes for fun, scoring about 65%, but I'll be a good lil boy and get back to my vocab soon.

    1. I can only do the NYT crossword and sometime I do not do that very well.

      No sparkling wine, gives me a huge headache, even a sip of champagne sends me over the edge.

      Guess Rush has now apologized as most of his sponsors backed away, he seems to go for entertainment and as others (see Imus)seems to step over the line oblivious to what people will tolerate.