Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Every woman needs a Leatherman

This tool does it all. With the exception of opening wine bottles you are good to go. And it comes with a nice leather case.

Things need to be fixed and this little tool can do most everything that will happen in your life.  Until you can afford a real tool box this will be your go-to tool.

How did I fix the alarm system power down, the Leatherman. How do I tighten loose door knobs, the Leatherman.

When I worked in the plants I wore a fanny pack filled with tools. It was against UAW rules to work in the plants, so I had to hide this shit. I sometimes wore the Leatherman on a belt as I could explain it was for investigation purposes only. Next to the Blackberry and the cell phone it did not stand out.

As Martha Somebody would say, it is a great thing to have. And it fits in your purse, pack or junk drawer. And it comes in different sizes, mine was the largest when I got it 15 years ago. Yea, they last a long time.

Get one, you will be happy.


  1. I carry a tiny Vise Grips pliers when HVACing. It stays close by my dash during the off-season, just so it knows I haven't forgot about "him".

  2. BD needs that leatherman here in the land of the Dog Eaters. I glad you took that back to civilization with you but I am having Shemp issues for repairs. I haven't locked them in the kitchen yet like you did so maybe they think I am a easy mark. You had them runnin scared.


  3. (I wonder, is that the real BD, it say Anonymous, or Maybe A None A Mouse, I am not sure, be careful, be Very Careful in a full way, and in a Moose Way. I am not sure what that reaLLy means. Tweak.)(Tweak means "send a rescue helicopter as soon as possible to the prearranged coordinates, as dire stress is indicated, and include a gourmet breakfast and a great ape who understands sign language or a small human who knows how to pretend to be a gorilla. Remember that I prefer my scram-bled eggs with Jalapeño flavored cheese and if you have got it, sausage.")(Oh, I forgot to mention OJ, I prefer a slight amount of pulp. And I prefer pulp from the orange rendering process, not the paper manufacturing kind.)

  4. Yes, that is the real Big Daddy, he walked into the apartment when I had all the Shemps locked in the kitchen. I used my Leatherman in China many times, including at the end turning the sprayer nozzle in the tub.

    BD just cannot get as seriously mean and nasty as I can. And when I decide to rip your ass, you will never forget that experience.