Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Say yes to the dress, maybe

My niece soon to be the military marvel with her lime green car. It was cheap.

Today was beautiful weather, warm and sunny, delightful actually. Temps around 60 a slight breeze to blow the winter dust away.

Ms. Military and I went to lunch and jaunting about. She wanted seafood and yesterday on Kitchen Nightmares there was a rerun of Gordon Ramsey reworking an east side waterfront eatery, Jack's something. We have all been there. Well, we searched the Nautical Mile and could not find the place, found Mike's and we thought that looked pretty sketchy. All these places are on the water so you have to drive down and around an obstacle course of boats and cars. Nope, now I have to do an Internet search and find out if all Gordon's good works failed. We ended up at Jumps and it was fine.

After lunch I learned we need to look for an evening gown as Niece is going to a military ball in a week. WTF, a week for a formal gown. She got into a situation and things turned out that we need a gown now. Well, after trying on many gowns there was one winner. But it needed a bit of altering and was 400 dollars. For a one time dress for a person going to basic training, I don't know. And she is a size 2, anything in that size looks pretty good. I need to tell her I have the jewelry and wraps to make any dress look great.

I think tomorrow will be an at home day and another attempt at making it my own. And I have to prepare for the dreaded garbage day.


  1. Sounds like a fun day of doin girl stuff!

  2. Replies
    1. One of my rules, never get trapped with wet feet or nails.

  3. That car is cute! So's your niece - I hope she finds a dress.