Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time for another rant: Detroit City

The government of the city of Detroit is acting pissy over the Consent Decree offered up by the Governor. They don't like the conditions. This is a city that has had historic problems with the finances and with playing nice with the suburban neighbors. Detroit also has major problems with the crime, the graft and corruption,  and "not a whole lot of people want to live there". So now they are broke. And they do not like the help the Governor has offered to help get their sorry asses out of this mess.

The elected officials of Detroit want to dictate the terms of how they will accept help. WTF? This is crazy, the feds are all this area and you want people to give you money? Why? Detroit has proven they cannot budget their money. They ruined Belle Isle, they almost destroyed Cobo Hall and the Detroit Public Lighting Department does not turn on any streetlights.

Here is my solution. Go to court and declare bankruptcy and pray Obama comes and bails your ass out. Because if we the people have to pay your bills and watch you act the fool, then I want the people in all the other 49 states paying for the mess along with the tired people of Michigan. If my tax dollars can rebuild houses in California coastal areas every year, those suckers can help bail out Detroit.

Detroiters made their beds and now they have to sleep in that sloppy mess. They elected Dave Bing, Mr. I can't make a decision or find my ass with both hands. They elected Kwame twice and are still buying his book. They elected Martha Reeves who can't even sing anymore. They elected Monica Conyers and now she is in prison.

I am hoping the citizens of Michigan put their feet down and refuse to allow Detroit to let this sorry situation continue.


  1. I like Detroit. Of course, the last time I was there was in ...1976? I was there for a science fiction convention. Coming from the narrow old east, I was stunned at the beautiful wide (traffic free!) boulevards.

    Being an innocent and a fool, I met up with another innocent fool one day and we went for a walk. There were beautiful, grand Edwardian houses gently falling down, or half a dozen people hanging out on the porch. It broke my heart a little to see these houses going to ruin.

    I began to get a clearer idea of where we were. I need to use the bathroom and to get into a Burger King, had to convince the security guard to let me in.

    Later people were shocked that we'd gone for our stroll. People familiar with the neighborhood said we were lucky to be alive. I don't know. Nobody bugged us and we didn't bug anyone.

  2. Most of the citizens want the Consent Decree, it is the elected officials that don't want to lose their power. The City Council President was in the news for losing his home, couldn't pay the note, his excuse was he went from being a television anchor to nothing to the council and his income went down. Hmm, how did all that happen.

    Random shootings with 4 or 5 children shot in or near their homes this year alone. This place is out of control. I went into the bowels for over 10 years without a problem, but you gotta be smart and careful and lucky.