Thursday, March 1, 2012

Punkin Head saves the day

He sent me a new potato peeler. He researched it and read the reviews. I have an excellent son.

He came by today for a visit and we had lunch, take out from the Lunchbox Deli, he found me an assortment of wines to try from Trader Joe's and he took out the garbage for the truck tomorrow. I have 6 bags and the recycle box. I am winning. PH also showed me how to light the fireplace in the family room, you have to put the lighter in the butt crack like you are trying to light a fart. Hmm.

Big Daddy was sick yesterday including the the vomiting. He is never sick. That is scary for me, as a hypochondriac now I have to worry about someone else getting the Chinese plague. Late breaking news he thinks it may have been older stuffed olives. Who knows.

Job search is still swimming in the muck. One guy said a new memo from HR states the job has to be posted internally first. This kills me, don't you think you would about this person or he would know about you. BD's job is specialized and there are not that many in any company that can do that job. Another job is held up in HR for unknown reasons, and one job is waiting for someone to die.  And one came back from the past  with a new position.

I went on Ebay yesterday and checked a few things I used to watch for collectibles. I was shocked, the prices are quite a bit higher. Either I was on to some good things or there are a lot of people trying to make big bucks off of shit. With no one working I would think the prices would be down, same as the shopping channels prices higher than when I left. Who is buying all this stuff?

First wine tried, Cocobon, California 2010 Red Wine. It is okay. It has a strange aroma, just can't place it. The label says mocha and maybe, but just odd. Might be better if served with a heavy dessert as recommended. By the way all the wines are under 10 dollars.


  1. I will try to check in every once in awhile. If I go too many days -running silent- then you'll know I have sucumbed to the flu, and I am either dead or at least comatose. Its been nice knowing you. My temp had gone to 100.8 but then steadily dropped over the next day, but this evening it shot up to 103.6, then after a cold shower I am at 103.1