Thursday, March 8, 2012

US Postal Service

My postal carrier and I renewed our acquaintance today, he knocked on my door and asked if I supposed to be getting mail. I told him no. He said it is all messed up and can't understand what the problem could be with the Postal Service. Hmm. This government group of folks is losing money and they can't figure shit out. And we need to keep them because the Constitution says we have to have them.

In Washington we have a barbershop, dining room, spacious offices and basement rooms where reams of written documents are hidden, for the Congress. We have a Postmaster General that has better china and flatware than most museums. Does the Constitution call for this shit? No, it says these asshats are supposed to deliver the mail to the right address.

And they want me to pay more taxes for this sorry ass service.

By the way, my mail carrier is the nicest, kindest and most hardworking guy I know. When I would come home from work and he saw me, he would come back to my house for items that had to be personally delivered. He is great.

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